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DeepTranslate is one of the industry’s leading artificial intelligence (“AI”) translation engines when it comes to English or Chinese financial domains. Our mission is to transform professional communication intelligently. With our  cutting-edge deep learning technology and top-notch research and  development, and translation and linguistics team, we work together with our  clients to enhance efficiency and provide opportunities for growth.

With the support of ICO Group Limited (Stock Code: 1460), DeepTranslate was established in 2018. DeepTranslate adheres to its mission statement and continues to provide quality translations with the backing of a team of AI deep  learning specialists, with industry leading experts Prof. Francis Chin and Dr.  Bethany Chan heading the team; and a team of industry veterans, translators and linguists in financial printing industry under the leadership of Mr. Colin Hong.


We serve major players in the Hong Kong’s financial industry through our comprehensive services, including AI translation, call figures feature, and automated construction of customized translation memory.


DeepTranslate has been recognized as a high potential startup by the Hong  Kong Science & Technology Parks (HKSTP) and is honored to join the highly-competitive Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP) 2021, in order  to strengthen its knowledge and skills in corporate management and business  upscaling to accelerate its growth and development.





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